Monday, April 14, 2014

Brienne: Adopted

A post by the momma:

Yep!  Our big, beautiful Brienne has moved onward and upward to her fantastic forever home yesterday!  Her new dad came to our adoption clinic Saturday morning and spotted her as soon as I was wrangling Bree and Amelia across the parking lot.  I'm pretty sure it was love at first site.
When I brought Bree to her new home yesterday, she tried her very best to jump out the car window when she saw her new dad.  I knew she recognized him and after showering him with lots of kisses, she never turned back for me.  She was happy and content, and I know after a few days, she'll feel completely at home.  Her new dad called me last night to tell me things were going well and how great she was. 

 She is great.  She's an amazing girl and to think about where she came from and how far she's come in such a short time with us, it's amazing how the canine brain works.  She was so trusting and receptive and quickly bonded to us as her people.  Just as quickly as she made that connection with her new forever dad.
Brienne is such a special girl, and I can honestly say... her personality rivals that of any former foster!  She is one of a kind and brought lots of laughter with her extreme energy and her exuberance for fun. 
Best of luck, Brienne.  You deserve all the love in the world and we're so grateful to have been a small part in your beautiful journey!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Year (and two days) of Amelia!

One year and 5 days ago, a lady at the shelter was filling up a needle, it was my final moments of life.  My luck changed when her phone rang.  There was a lady on the other end that said "Please don't kill that dog!  Send her to NY!"  The lady at the shelter was relieved, a lot of the shelter staff really liked me and they tried very hard to find me a rescue.  After many days with no response, my time had come.  But, somehow my story got to my foster momma... she knew only of my name and my breed, but something made her make that phone call. 

This is the picture foster momma got of me after she saved me.

One year and 3 days ago, I was walked out of the shelter in Kentucky and was loaded into a big van filled with lots of crates and lots of other dogs, just like me.  I was off to my new start.  I was off to New York.

This was me when I got off the transport and met foster momma.

One year and 2 days ago, I was taken off that van by a really nice lady who hugged me and smooched me and told me life was going to be good from now on.  I knew her voice, it was the one on the other end of the phone that saved my life.  I was scared and unsure, but I trusted her.  She put me in her car and took me home where I met Corbin and Foster Dad. 

This is when I met Corbin.

During this past year, I have learned that life really IS good.  I have learned that so many things aren't as scary as I thought they were.  I have made many friends, human and canine.  I have a warm bed to sleep in every night, meals that fill my belly every day and I have more love than I could ever absorb.

Lots of love can make a scared girl into a confident one!
Here are some of my favorite times of the last year, there are lots of them, but I narrowed it down to just a few!
I love having grass to roll in.
My first smooch with Corbin!
I did two 5K's with foster momma!
I learned how to ride on a boat and swim in water!
I really loved the lake!
I liked the snow too!
Once I realized it wasn't scary.
I love being silly!
And snuggling with the foster momma.
Corbin, too!
I've really come a long way in 1 year, from the scared little girl
who came out of the shelter and off a transport,
to the happy, confident, well mannered girl who walks proud
smooches often and sleeps soundly knowing I'm safe. 

One year and 5 days ago, my life almost ended... and here I am, one year and 5 days later living a wonderful life, with wonderful foster people and wonderful foster siblings.  I'm so thankful for this past year and I can't wait for my next year and all the years after that! I'm ready for my forever home and I just know this is the year for it to come!

Thanks for following along with me this year and watching me grow!
Lots of love & smoochies,

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Amelia Goes to School!

Amelia here!
No April Fools joke for us this year, after last year's post on April 1st, it was decided that would be the one and only!  Instead, I'm taking over the blog over to tell you about my trip to an elementary school!
Homeward Bound is my rescue!
All the little kids from the elementary school put on a play and they donate the proceeds to Homeward Bound!  Even better?  The invited some adoptables to greet the guests as they arrive for the play!  So, I was there with some of my adoptable friends!
This is nice volunteer Carol and adoptable Marley.
Marley is about 10 years old.  She was adopted a few years ago but returned to the rescue when her family suddenly needed to move in with family and weren't allowed to take her.  She was again adopted to a nice older woman, who unfortunately fell ill and Marley is back looking for a forever home for her retirement years!  Oh, and I'm in the picture too!
This is adoptable Reagan.  He's about 6 months old and super cool!  He loved flopping over and giving lots of love and getting lots of attention!
And, here I am taking directions from a little two legger!  She gave me treats and I did all my tricks for them!
This here is Delsi!  She's my bff Mayzie's daughter!  Isn't she beautiful?  She's a lover of the attentions and ate up all that were offered!
This here is Homeward Bound Alumni, Kobi!  She's been a great foster sister to many kids just like me on our way to a forever home!  Hip Hip Kobi!!
It was a really fun day and I got to socialize with lots of people and kids, what could be better?!  I was pretty well behaved... except for the time when a nice lady was talking to Kobi and her mom and I ran around the nice lady and made foster momma follow me so my leash didn't knock the lady over!  Hehe.  Oh, did I mention I did that twice in a row?  It was pretty funny.  That'll teach foster momma to get distracted while I'm around!
I met lots of great people and many commented on what a nice Pit Bull I was!!  Foster momma has mixed emotions about that phrase, because she'd like for people to look past my breed and say "What a nice dog!" instead. 
I told her some day that will happen!  

Friday, March 28, 2014

Meet Brienne!

Ain't she a beauty?
Some of you may have guessed, but there's a new foster kid in town!  Say Hello to our 33rd foster, Brienne!  I told the momma that I think she's a Corbin breed, but she said that petfinder has yet to recoginze the Corbin as its own breed.  Whatever.
She came from a very sad and scary place...
Can you even believe it's the same dog?
She was left abandoned there, with nothing but that stack of wood for shelter.  The nice lady at the animal shelter took her in and gave her yummy food, so she had put some weight on by the time we got her.  She still needs quite a bit of weight and she's growning more and more every day.  We think she's about a year old and possibly had a litter of puppies.  She came to us last Sunday, just after my dad's big party!
Bree is all puppy though!  She is quite immature and is still learning how to run around with those big long legs of hers.  She looks like a minature horse!  She can be stubborn and silly and playful all in 5 minutes!  She does like to take naps though and she really loves to play with a ball!
Her and Amelia haven't become fast friends like Amelia and Mayzie did.  They don't hate each other, but I don't see the words BFF being used to describe them any time soon. 
Did I mention that she's quite large? She's as tall as the Corbin and longer than me too.  She still needs to gain some weight, so we're getting her lots of noms. 
She's a very wonderful house guest though.  She's house trained and crate trained and sleeps on one of the dog beds at night.  She did hop into the shower with the momma the other night, so we're thinking she's not too scared of water.  She doesn't have any food aggression or an ounce of any sort of aggression that we've seen... Oh, except for cats.  She doesn't like cats.  Or, maybe she likes them a bit too much! Hehe, sorry to my kitty friends!  She's not much of a barker and rides well in the car.  She's picked up "sit," "paw," and "down" in a short amount of time - although, she may have known "sit" before hand... and if you didn't give her the treat right away, she quickly went to "paw in the face"... so we've worked on her patience in the treating department!  She's also gotten the hang of sitting for her meals... she's a very quick learner and super smart -although a bit stubborn sometimes!
We can't wait to tell you more about her as the days go on and she settles in more!