Thursday, July 24, 2014

More infection.

My puppies got adopted and that was a great thing that happened on Saturday.  But, other than that, Saturday was a very bad Corbin day.  I woke up with a very heavy limp on my ouchie toe which upset my back and made me very yelpy and uncomfortable.  By Saturday afternoon, I went up the 4 steps into the house from my yard backwards.  BACKWARDS.  That's how ouchie it is for me to go up them the normal way.

In an effort to fix my immune system and help me better fight off these infections in the first place, we're trying to wean me off of the prednisone.  But, the prednisone is what keeps my back pain away.  So I have to be very calm and careful for a few weeks while we do this.  Therefore, increasing my predinsone to help my ouchie back isn't an option. 
So, the momma had to think outside the box. She soaked a cloth in some Epsom salts and warm water and put the warm cloth on my back for a while. Then, I relaxed on my living room bed and the momma put a heating pad on my back on and off through out the night. It helped! I slept through the night and my back felt better on Sunday, although I was still moving quite slow and still limping.
On Monday morning during the momma's investigation of my body parts, she noticed a nasty white patch on the pad of my ouchie foot.  We went to the vet on Tuesday and got an antibacterial scrub and topical antibacterial spray. 
The scrub has been helping and the momma has seen some results already.  I have to wear my boots when I go out side or when the parents leave and I'm home alone with Amelia.  I like to lick at my foot a lot and apparently I'm not supposed to be doing that.  So, while the parents are home, they like for my foot to have some time to air out... and keeping me from licking is a big issue.  Enter odd contraption the momma made.
It's a little hard to see, but the momma took a plastic wine cup (it's clear, which is why it's hard to see), cut the bottom out and cut a slit down the side.  She wrapped it in fleece so it wouldn't hurt my furs and laced it with yarn and tied it around my foot.  For reals?  Yea... for reals.  I told her I would entertain this device temporarily, but she needed to come up with something a bit more fashionable for longer term purposes. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Carly2 & Memphis: Adopted!

Our adorable puppies went to their forever homes this past weekend!
Memphis even went to a home where the momma knew his new family!  Can you believe it?!  So, we'll get to see him grow up and how happy he's going to make his new family!  She's already received a few updates and he's fitting right in and loved oh-so-much!!!
They were super cute and so much fun to have around!
Happy forever kiddo's!

Thursday, July 17, 2014


Sorry, Jessica Rabbit. 
Sorry, Roger Rabbit. 

Rest well in my gravey-yard.

Hehe, sorry, but I'm not sorry. Stay out of my yard!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

No more wood chuckin'

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could out run a Corbin?

Let me tell you the story.
The momma wasn't feeling well Sunday morning, so her, Amelia, the puppies and I all snuggled in after breakfast until mid morning.  It was about 11am and we all rolled out of bed and the momma opened the door to let us all into the back yard.  The puppies went to frolic in the yard while Amelia and I both dashed under the back deck.  The momma figured my ball must have rolled under there, because this wasn't an uncommon occurrence.

However, our scurry under the deck lasted longer than normal, and when the momma realized that, she called my name.  Just then, Amelia ran out and was in full hunter mode, blocking the exit to the deck.
The momma started screaming "CORBIN!" and out I emerged from under the deck with a super large furry thing clamped between my jaws.  I got that nasty intruder!  Now, I was doing my best to concentrate on my job of making sure that furry beast would never step another unwanted claw onto our property, but it was a battle between my job as protector of our property and listening to the momma's screaming commands.  She kept screaming "CORBIN! DROP IT! DROPPP ITTT!" - so I did.  But, the nasty beast was still alive.  So, I looked at it, looked at the momma and gave her my best "Sorry for disobeying your commands" look, and I grabbed that sorry sucker and gave him a final shake.  I spit him out and walked away leaving him in the yard as a sign for any other intruders that dare think my yard is common property.

The momma screamed lots and lots of HBO words and my puppies were hiding behind her legs when Amelia and I came around, I was glad they were safe.  Amelia and I knew we were in trouble, so we went to hang out in our crates until the momma cooled down.  She called the dad and said lots of HBO words to him and told him that I left him a big furry present in the yard. 
So, I guess we'll never know how much wood that woodchuck would chuck.  The dad dug him a grave and he now lays in the Corbin's graveyard of unwanted beasts next to Squirrelly and Squally the Squirrels, Birda, Robin & Red the birds, Chippy the Chipmonk, Molly the Mouse and Peter the Rabbit. 

I sleep well knowing my yard is safe.

*Pictorial evidence of the massive size of the vicious beast is available upon request.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Meet Carly2 & Memphis!

New kind-of-foster kids!
Carly2 (we've already had a Carly!) and Memphis came to hang out with me and Amelia on Saturday!  They are siblings, about 12 weeks old, Shar Pei/Beagle/Lab mixes.  Super adorable and they were a lot of fun!  I really enjoyed having them around.  They just stayed for the night though and went to another foster home last night, one where someone is around during the day because my parents are gone for 8 hours and that's just not fair for their puppy bladders.  But, they'll be back Friday and the momma will take them to a big adoption event on Saturday!
Beautiful Carly2.  A little more laid back, but still playful and fun.  She likes to run around the yard and she's a very quick learner.
Handsome Memphis.  This little guy is a spunky, curious little dude.  He loves the momma and will attach quickly with his forever people.  A definite lover of the snuggles.
They learn quick.
They slept through the whole night in their puppy crate and didn't have a single accident in the house the whole time they visited!  We think these puppies will be super easy to train and impossible not to love!
Amelia took care of them like her own little babydogs.
She even made sure they got a lesson in good dental health.
We sure think these two will find their forever homes at next weekend adoption event,
don't you?

Friday, July 11, 2014

Vet visit!

Guess who's feeling quite a bit better today?
I gave the momma a real good scare yesterday, but I'm just about back to feeling myself this morning.  I went to see Dr. Mike last night, we're going to continue decreasing my prednisone until I'm off of it completely.  Hopefully we can figure out a way to manage my back pain without it, but I think it's doing my harm than good to my handsome Corbin Bod and my smart Corbin brain.
Dr. Mike was also pleased with how much the swelling in my toe went down after just a few days of the antiboitics.  Paws are crossed that the swelling continues to decrease so we can be sure it was just an infection and the momma can stop worrying about the possibility of another Corbin toe leaving me!
As for the seizures... well, it still remains a mystery.  Dr. Mike thinks it might have been caused by my quick change in medications.  But, we'll continue to track them if I get anymore and try to associate whether or not there are medication changes around when they occur.
Thanks for all the prayers and good wishes!  Doncha know the momma went and injured her toe today?  Trying to outdo the Corbin.... not good, momma!  Rest and relaxation ahead for this weekend and I'll post some fun things next week, sound good? 
Enjoy your weekend!